view brochureIt is the mission of Life-Skills, Inc. to provide person-centered supports, services, and advocacy for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to actively assist them in the pursuit and achievement of their goals and interests while encouraging independence, personal growth, and self-determination to enhance their overall quality of life.

"We will foster a cooperative environment in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity."

"We value open, honest and respectful communication among employees and the individuals we support."

"We believe that all people should have the opportunity to live, work, and be active participants in the community in which they choose to live."

"We believe in a culture that promotes creativity, teamwork, and the open expression of ideas."

"We strive for excellence in providing quality supports through education, programming and sound business practices."

"We encourage open communication with families and our business partners in order to secure information that enables us to enhance supports offered by the organization."