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Day Habilitation Programs

The services of the day habilitation programs are designed to maximize a person’s independence in activities of daily living, personal health and safety, socialization, decision making, communication, recreation, community inclusion, and leisure skill building. Services are person-centered and driven by each individual’s needs and desired supports.

This service also provides evaluation and active therapeutic intervention to intellectually disabled and physically challenged adults. This is a medically based long term care service beginning at age 22. Nurses, Occupational, Physical and Speech therapists are on-site to work directly with individuals to provide assessment and therapeutic intervention designed to maximize skills in the areas listed above.

All programming is individualized, based on the needs and interests of the individuals served. Our professional service teams work cooperatively with families and providers to create an integrated approach to providing quality day habilitation programming.

Therapeutic Activities include but are not limited to:

  Adaptive kayaking
  Swimming at the YMCA
  Out-to-lunch programs
  Equine Therapy (horseback riding)
  Horticultural programs (utilizing our Best Buds Greenhouse)
  Art Therapy
  Many varied physical and occupational therapy programs

Featured Services:

Nursing and Health Care Supervision  
Developmental Skill Training  

Therapeutic Services that include:

  Augmentative and alternative communication programming
  Assistive technology
  Dysphagia assessment and monitoring
  Adapted seating and alternative positioning
  Wheelchair procurement and assistance with repairs
  Behavioral management
  Physical and Occupational programs integrated in to daily day habilitation activities

Vocational Services:

Community Based Day Supports include volunteer and recreational activities in the community supported by a job coach.

Group Supported Employment Services include up to 8 individuals in a group supported by a job coach.

Individual Supported Employment Services focus on employment with a private business with minimal job coaching.

Not all day program offer employment opportunities but all offer volunteer opportunities.

Referral Sources:

Requests for services can be made through the Departmental of Developmental Services, local school systems, or by calling Life-Skills, Inc. Directors of Day Habilitation or program managers.

Tours are available upon request.

Funding Sources:

Mass Health  
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (Vocational)  
Department of Developmental Services  


For additional information on our day habilitation programs, please contact:

David Kline
Director of Day Habilitation
Phone: (508) 943-0700 x2103