Employee Advocacy Committee Development

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Join us for our first virtual meeting!

This opportunity is open to any and all employees. Here we will have the chance to engage with everyone and talk about ways we can improve our culture to foster success. Most importantly this is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of a group whose goals are to create a workplace everyone can thrive in. I want to give you the opportunity to give us your ideas on ways we can work together to improve employee relations across the board.

It is important that employees of all positions and locations feel that they are supported and can rely on their Administration to have their best interest in mind.  By joining our committee, you will be a part of the conversations that affect the culture of Life-Skills.

I want to invite you to attend our first virtual meeting on: May 15th at 1:00pm

If you would like to join our meeting, please click the link below to register.  Our first meeting will be to introduce everyone and to set our expectations and goals for the group. Since this is something, we are starting fresh we will be able to structure it in a way that works best for all of us. Included in the registration link will be a section for you to put down key points you would like addressed in this committee. I will compile those answers and we will use that as the starting point for our meeting.

Our first meeting will be more informative, I invite everyone to attend, from there we will form our committee based on those who have the continued interest. Once the committee has been formed, we will meet on a monthly basis to discuss our current goals, as well as ways we can improve employee satisfaction.

I look forward to meeting with all of you and getting the chance to build a strong team!

Mackenzie Shaw
HR Recruiter

Call:508-943-0700 x2112
Text: 774-495-0639