Happy Direct Support Professional Recognition Week!

Happy “Direct Support Professionals Week”, and how fortunate we are to have such a devoted group of professionals who are dedicating their lives to providing the best support and highest quality of care possible to the intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals we serve.

Throughout this unprecedented time, you have all continued to contribute so much to the lives of our individuals.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought many significant challenges, not only to staff, but also to the individuals with whom you work.  Day programs, community outings, personal and social activities all took a backseat due to the threat of contracting the virus.  Yet, our direct care professionals, as well as our therapists, nurses, maintenance personnel, and administrative staff set aside personal fears and continued to come to work.  Whether you were in offices, residences, or in the isolation centers where care was required, you stepped up and provided what was needed.  Many of our other staff who could not report daily, due to health or childcare issues, continued to support our individuals through virtual contacts from mid-March through today.  Your devotion and caring for the individuals in the Life-Skills, Inc. programs has been exceptional.  I have always felt that our staff would go above and beyond to care for the individuals we serve, and during this current crisis you have more than demonstrated that fact to be true.

Thank you to all of our direct care professionals who go above and beyond each and every day – your value and importance to this corporation and to all of the individuals whom we support is beyond measure.


Tom Amick
Chief Executive Officer
Life-Skills, Inc.