Request for PPE Donations

Life-Skills, Inc. continues to operate our residential and in-home support programs to individuals throughout Central Massachusetts.

Staff in our programs are using supplies conservatively and appropriately, but due to the public health emergency, we have increased precautionary measures and increased the Personal Protective Equipment used to continue to ensure the protection and safety of our individuals and staff.


Due to the demand, we are requesting donations of the following items:

Vinyl gloves
Eye protection/Goggles
Antiseptic wipes
Disinfectant wipes
Temporal thermometers

*If masks are handmade, please include a note indicating what type of mask it is (N-95 cover, surgical mask, etc.), the materials used and any specifications followed.

If you have any supplies you would be willing to donate, pick-up of the items can be arranged.

If you have any questions about donating items, please message us or email us at

Thank you!