Life in residential programsLife-Skills, Inc. operates residential programs throughout Central, MA for adults with mild to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and adults with complex medical and/or behavioral needs.

Our goal is to provide individualized supports in a safe and nurturing environment which will enhance the overall quality of life of the people we serve. We contract with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to provide three categories of residential supports:

  • 24 Hour Residential Homes
  • Community Based In-Home Supports
  • Placement Services

Each category of support we provide strives to assist people to achieve their optimum level of independence. Each person’s specific desires, goals, needs, and dreams are used to develop a plan of support that will assist them in achieving their specific desired outcomes.

Community Based 24-Hour Residential Homes:

Our residential homes provide a family-like living environment for up to 7 individuals, and offer clinical supports, and 24-hour supervision and guidance from our direct support professionals. Our accessible homes are designed to accommodate the physical needs of our individuals and are equipped with state-of-the-art lifts and necessary adaptive/assistive equipment.

Our staff provide compassionate care and a structured routine for individuals, and our goal is to provide each individual with the maximum level of skills teaching, and to provide community integration through participative activities in the community in which they reside. We recognize the importance of interpersonal relationships, and we assist our individuals in developing and maintaining relationships with family, friends, peers, and others in their community.

In-Home Supports:

Life-Skills, Inc. provides person-centered supports to individuals living on their own, with family, or in shared homes or apartments in the community. Services are customized to meet the needs of each individual and are flexible to accommodate the constant changes in their needs and interests.

Staff meet regularly with individuals to provide assistance with daily routines to include shopping, meal preparation, money management, day-to-day problem solving, self-advocacy skills, and accessing community resources and social/recreational activities.

In-home support Program Manager and Case Manager arrange for and coordinate additional ancillary community supports for individuals in the program based on their individual needs. These may include PCA’s, community nursing, as well as avenues for financial support to enhance the quality of life for the individual. These may include acquisition of food stamps, fuel assistance, transportation passes, and subsidized housing procurement.

These services vary in the number of hours support is provided based on the level of need and capability of the individual.

Placement Services:

Life-Skills, Inc. is contracted with the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) to provide Shared Living/Placement services for individuals with various types of developmental and physical disabilities.

Host families are matched with individuals who desire a more family oriented home environment. Once a relationship is developed with a host family, the individual actually becomes a part of the family unit and dynamic. Many individuals find this type of residential support the most satisfying and remain with their host families for many years or a life-time.

Placement Services are considered to be the most individualized form of residential supports, and together with DDS, Life-Skills, Inc. continues to look to the future with these services at the forefront of residential placement.

Services in our programs include:

24-hour supervision 
Coordination of medical services 
Both on-site RN, LPN support and off-site RN/LPN support as needed 
Monitoring of complex medical needs/med administration 
Assistance with activities of daily living 
Community integration and inclusion 
OT, PT, Speech Therapy 
Behavioral intensive supports 
Clinical services 
Personal care training 
Nutrition/Meal Prep 
Money management/Representative Payee support 
Recreational activities 
Social Skills training 
Sexuality training 
Human Rights/Self-Advocacy training 

Staff Qualifications:

Our management staff and direct support professionals are certified in CPR/First Aid/AED, UMVB (Understanding and Managing Violent Behavior), and MAP (Med Administration Program training). Our agency’s ongoing training program encompasses many other areas which are essential in providing quality services. These include but are not limited to Safe & Effective Dining/Dysphagia, Trading Places, OSHA, Fire Suppression, PBS (Positive Behavioral Supports) training, and more.

Our homes are located in:

Auburn, Dudley, Gardner, Lancaster, Leominster, Shrewsbury, Southbridge, Webster, Winchendon.

For additional information on our residential programs, please contact:

Cathy Hurstak
Director of Residential Services
Phone: (508) 943-0700 x2350